Tianeptine Sodium Powder

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Tianeptine sodium powder is an antidepressant agent.

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Tianeptine Sodium

Tianeptine sodium powder is an antidepressant agent that works by increasing serotonin uptake in the brain, making it different than most antidepressants. Tianeptine’s success in treating depression is comparable to prescription medications but with less side effects and minimal risk of abuse. Tianeptine does not slow down cognitive function, cause sleeping problems, or cause weight problems. In fact, tianeptine can improve brain cognition. Tianeptine elevates mood and reduces anxiety. It also has shown positive results in alcohol dependent patients. With regular use, some people have reported occasional nausea, constipation, abdominal pain, headache, vivid dreams, and dizziness.

Serving Size: 12.5mg

This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Claims are not supported by the FDA.

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3 reviews for Tianeptine Sodium Powder

  1. Julian D. B. (verified owner)

    This is excellent quality Tianeptine. Some of the best that I have tried

  2. John

    The best tianeptine I have tried. I have tried 4 or 5 other extremely reputable sources online but the quality here is great.

    • info

      Thank you kind sir for for your review and I am glad that our product has exceeded your expectations! Look forward to seeing you again soon.
      Sevy (Owner)

  3. Ferrari

    You really need to tighten up. Perpetually out of stock, won’t answer your phone, closed at unpredictable times for no reason. You know this is your most popular product, so I don’t get why you conduct yourself with no professionalism when you know people pay way more than wholesale and fund your whole operation on this product alone.

    • Owner

      I am sorry you feel that way. This is actually the first time we have been out of stock for more than a day or two in a quite a while. It is not always a smooth process trying to import products into the country and as I have explained to anyone who has taken the time to inquire in this instance our regular manufacturer was unfortunately included a random chinese government shutdown of factories due to air quality issues. So i have had to scramble to find a new reputable supplier and then do quality testing prior to placing a very expensive, large order.

      As far as answering the phone for the last few days i was being kept from work because of inquiries about sodium and so i put a message with the sodium status and stating that any other questions should leave a message or text and i would reply right away.

      Next as im sure you are aware this is a very small business run only by me with the help of my daughter. when we work it is 1 of us alone for 8 to 9 hours. So we have to lock the door if we need the restroom, a meal, to go to the post office to retrieve supply orders (like the sodium you are waiting on), etc. we always post a note with how long we will be gone and the contact number for updates.

      Finally, while sodium is a large seller, lots of other products sell very well too. Since we are the only brick and mortar in the country dedicated to Nootropics we have a good sized and always growing clientele of Nootropic enthusiasts and Nootropic newbies.

      I hope that you will consider taking these facts into consideration and think more fondly of our little business in the future.

      Best Wishes,
      Sevy (Owner)

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