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Schisandra is a climbing vine native to East Asia. In Chinese, schisandra berries are called wu wei zi, are used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote vitality. At Crystal Clear Supplements, we carry a 9% organic schisandrin A extract. After a daily 130mg dose of Schisandra, healthy people with slightly impaired blood flow experienced in an increase in circulation by approximately 9%. Schisandra improves blood flow most likely due to its effect on smooth muscle cells, estrogen receptors, and its ability to increase nitric oxide in the blood. This improvement in circulation correlates with reported effects of improved physical performance from athletes taking adaptogens like schisandra. Another study focused on the mental performance effects of schisandra showed an increase in attention, speed, and accuracy during stressful cognitive tasks as well as better quality of work and reduction in errors. This increase in mental performance is attributed to schisandra’s ability to induce cholinergic signaling, therefore increasing levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Schisandra could increase the potential of nootropics due to its ability to increase acetylcholine signaling. Research suggests that schisandra reverses scooplamine-induced memory impairment, meaning it may be useful in treating memory deficits. Schisandra also reduces stress-induced anxiety levels and has a significant reversal effect on MDR in cancer cells. Schisandra has no known side effects.

Serving Size: 100-300mg 2x Daily.

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