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Nootropics enhance cognitive function with relatively no side effects. They can be lab-made or herbal supplements and are used to improve memory, concentration, focus, etc.

Botanical Extracts

Many plants are able to increase cognitive function and have health benefits for the body. Our potent botanical extracts are part of our approach to a healthy mind and lifestyle.

Customized Formulas

Crystal Clear works hard to develop nootropic and botanical blends to suit your needs. We also offer custom blends at the request of our customers.

We Supply Alternative Medicine

To Our Local Community & Online

Our flagship store located in Portland, OR is the only store dedicated to nootropics in the country. We strive to offer quality botanicals and nootropics at affordable rates. Browse online or come into our local nootropics store.

What We Are All About

Our Goals
It is our goal to offer the purest, most potent products to elevate both cognition and health. As every individual has a different set of desired effects and and personal goals we aim to provide a wide enough variety that anyone can find at least one (and hopefully multiple) product(s) that suits their ambitions. We are constantly adding to our product list that includes what we deem the most effective compounds/substances to enhance cognitive function, energy, and mental clarity.
Our Mission
At Crystal Clear Supplements, our mission is to empower the body and mind. With potent botanical extracts, top quality nootropics, and our own specialized formulas, we seek to capture the balance of material harmony and mental fortitude that enables the actualization of potentials in order to propel the individual and the community to new heights.
Our Process
Crystal Clear Supplements provides the options of both botanical and nootropic blends with the highest quality ingredients. We incorporate the technology of western medicine with the sensibilities of eastern medicine allowing the gap to be bridged and benefits to flow from past and present launching ourselves into the future.
Our Delivery
As the first and only local store dedicated to nootropics, we take pride in our storefront located in Portland, OR. We enjoy seeing our customers on a regular basis so that we may hear their experiences and feedback.

Why Should You Choose Us

In an a time when mental fortitude is so highly coveted and demanded, the ability to strengthen the walls of one’s mind is a highly sought after commodity. Crystal Clear Supplements was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of the community not met by the western medical system. Crystal Clear Supplements is a local retail and online product provider and consultant serving the local and global community with alternatives to addictive prescription medications, to improve health and raise cognitive function.
We strive to create the most beneficial compounds through feedback and observation which are heightened by our experience and use of the products themselves. Through diligent research and flexible formats we are allowed to provide the top quality enhancement experience to anyone open to participate. Our team is hard at work keeping up with new scientific research so we can keep our customers and ourselves informed.
Crystal Clear Supplements incorporates medicines that have been proven effective from generation to generation with radically new approaches to symptoms that have sprung from modern lifestyles, habits and habitats. Formulas are developed by our expert research team with the demands of modern society in mind.
Our brand identity was created with the ideas of transparency and quality in mind. We work with a scientific approach: research, testing, and experimentation make for quality products and customer satisfaction. As we maintain a scientific mindset, we also strive to make our products accessible to the general public by offering a number of prepared formulas and customer consultations.

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Corydalis for Sleep

“I’ve had insomnia since I was a child, and have tried every trick in the book to fix it. Nothing has ever put me to sleep as quickly as Corydalis does. You have helped beyond words, and have gained a customer for life.” – Keturah

Peak Performance

[Oxiracetam gives me all the focus I need. I just can’t believe what nootropics have allowed me to accomplish without using stimulants. It’s not that it “gives” me anything, so much as it helps me to give more of what’s already in me.” – Roy, Trivia Host

Positive Impact On Mood

“I really enjoy Crystal Clear Supplements tianeptine. I have been using it for a few months and notice a positive impact on my clarity and mood. I highly recommend it.”
– Graham, Machine Technician

Phenibut For With Sleep

“Phenibut helps me so much with sleep. Xanax is overpowering and I don’t feel rested when I wake up. With phenibut I wake up feeling like I got a good night’s sleep.” – Christian, Drug & Alcohol Counselor

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Phenibut is known for its anti-anxiety and mood elevating effects.


Tianeptine has a positive impact on mood and can reduce anxiety.

Corydalis Extract

Corydalis is a member of the poppy family known as a sleep aid and pain reliever.

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